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Effects of black tea drinking

28 September, 22:53, by admin

Black tea is a heavier oxidized form of tea compared to the other teas available, such as oolong and green tea. It is the most consumed and enjoyed tea globally. Black tea has several effects, some of them neutral and some of them beneficial towards health. Black tea typically contains more caffeine than other teas, giving it a stronger energizing effect compared to other teas. Black tea, like other teas, is low in calorie, protein, sodium, and fat. The amount of carbohydrates in tea is almost minimal as well (usually less than 1g per serving). Each serving typically also has plenty of antioxidants, which have been shown to have anti-cancer and DNA-healing effects via neutralization of free radicals.

The health effects of black tea drinking are also real and exist. Recent studies have shown a correlation between tea drinking and reduce cardiovascular disease events, such as acute myocardial infarction and stroke. A study conducted by Boston University in 2001 concluded that this effect was due to components in black tea reversing endothelial vasomotor dysfunction, reducing the possibility of dangerous cardiovascular events. In addition, a compound known as theaflavin-3-gallate has shown promise in reducing the incorporation of cholesterol into mixed micelles. These micelles are responsible for absorbing cholesterol into the body, and blocking such an event may help with cholesterol levels, even if in modest levels. However, to gain these benefits, black tea must be drunk without milk. A German study in 2006 showed that milk cancels out these health benefits. This is likely because the casein proteins in milk bind to the active components in tea that have the purported health benefits. Plus, a study conducted by the University College London has shown black tea can reduce levels of cortisol and blood clotting activity (high levels may predispose towards a heart attack during a stressful condition) after a stressful event. Black tea has also been linked to reducing the incidence of diabetes and boosting immune systems, but have not been thoroughly investigated yet.

Tipps for winning newsletter subscribers

28 September, 14:44, by admin

Your newsletter campaign is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy. However, it is also one of the most neglected aspects of a marketing strategy. One reason why many people neglect or abandon their newsletter campaign is because it is difficult to gain new subscribers.

There are some simple tips that many online marketers fail to implement before they abandon their newsletter. Try these tips to help you win newsletter subscribers.

Replace your newsletter sign-up form
Your sign-up form is the gate, the key to your success. Without a properly optimized sign-up form, your newsletter campaign is destined to fail.

One trick you should try is replacing your newsletter sign-up form. Most online marketers place the form on the bottom of a screen. You should try placing the form at the top or middle-right side of the screen. When people see the form before anything else, they are slightly more compelled to fill it out. Best practice is to transfer the data after directly into your newsletter software.

Change your call to action
One common error that many marketers make is not directing their call to action to their newsletter. It is very hard to get people to buy your products within their first visit, so make sure you request your visitors to sign up for your newsletter, rather than purchase your products. By signing up for the newsletter, your visitors are exposed to your business in a passive manner; they don’t need to revisit your site. You can promote your products directly to them.

Additionally, it helps build familiarity and trust between you and your customers. Let them get used to seeing your products in your newsletter. However, do not directly pitch your products. Instead, offer some helpful information.

Offer free information or products for new subscribers
One great way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter is to give them an incentive – free information or products. When your visitors see that you genuinely care about them and are willing to reward them for answering a call to action, they are more likely to respond to your requests. However, if you are going to offer an incentive, do not sound too desperate for subscribers. People can subconsciously sense this behavior.

Hopefully these tips will help you win newsletter subscribers. Always experiment with different methods. You never know what methods will work for your business.