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Furniture for a Real Estate

01 October, 05:23, by admin

A home is the largest purchase made by most people in the United States; therefore, buyers are going to be picky as to the house they choose. Often, buyers will try to picture how they will fit their existing furniture into a space that they have bougt for example at In order for sellers to increase the likelihood of a property transaction, they should stage furniture for a successful real estate purchase.

Styles and Colors of Furniture for a Real Estate Staging
Sofas with solid-color upholstery are the easiest to stage, especially in comparison to florals and prints. However, patterns are acceptable for throw pillows. Be sure to avoid “cutesy” styles such as country cottage or shabby chic.

Sizes and Sets of Furniture for a Real Estate Staging
Home-staging experts agree that when it comes decor choices, an eclectic mix of furniture is better than a pre-matched set. One such example of eclectic decorating is mixing mid-century modern with turn-of-the-century antiques. And when it comes to furniture sizes, large sectionals should be thrown to the wayside. Instead, use two chairs coupled with a love seat or sofa. The goal is to create a small conversational area under 12 square feet.

Spacing Furniture for a Real Estate Staging
Clutter and nicknacks have no place in staging furniture as they detract from the space. Besides, it is all too-easy for potential buyers to steal something of value while the real estate agent or homeowner is not looking. Keep the flow of furniture uncrowded and easy for foot traffic to navigate. Pull some furniture away from the walls, and let the square footage really show.

Bedroom Furniture for a Real Estate Staging
The master bedroom is one of the main showpieces of any home, so staging in this room must be done carefully. If the room contains a large bed, do not overcrowd the room with other furniture. If there is enough space, add two nightstands and two lamps. Massive rooms can even have a two-person sitting area and a dresser drawer.